The Old Man

Songs of Solomon 2:8-10
“The voice of my beloved!
Behold he comes
Leaping upon the mountains,
skipping upon the hills.
My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag.
Behold he stands behind our wall;
He is looking through our windows,
Gazing through the lattice.
My beloved spoke and said to me;
Rise up, my love, my love my fair one
And come away.”

More than anything in the world the Lord wants to have an intimate relationship with us. In order to cultivate this we as believers must find quiet time alone to be with the Lord. This is where we should pray and talk to him about our concerns and joys. Just like the stag that is looking through the windows are walls are always before the Lord and he is waiting for us to share our pain, our joy, our tears and our laughter so he can guide us, comfort us, and protect us. All we have  to do is make the time.

The Old Man

Thank you Lord for Your piercing eye

that can spot trouble on the fly

You swoop right down to warn me, but tonight I passed you by

You can see that I was busy,  I stayed way past five

I need that promotion to pay all my earthly bills

And You were probably busy, healing lots of other people’s ills

Lord You have given me a great start, You saved my very life

But I can’t meet with You tomorrow, we have to meet the bosses wife

I  really want to learn about You and all that you hold dear

But the kids  come this Saturday, but I’ll make time for You don’t fear

We were looking forward to the Sunday service but will have to take a pass

The family’s been invited to the cottage, these invitations happen so darn fast

Today is another day and Susie has the flu

I just don’t feel like sitting down with all I have to do

I was out getting groceries when I came across this old man

Who face was worn and his clothes were old and he said he knew my greatest fan

What do you mean by that, you don’ t know me from Adam

He said I know the Lord, your greatest friend, why don’t you have at him

Sir I said,  whatever do you mean, the Lord is very busy why would he miss me

He said because you are his child and he is so in love with thee

And every time you pass him by he is distraught from your rebuff

I said in my defense, I been busy making a better life, times they’ve been so tough

The man said who do you think blessed your work, your home, and your lovely wife

In fact he saved your soul from hell, by giving up His very life

He will never ever tell you about the  pain you put him  through

But if you just let him in, he’ll reveal to you, all that he has for you

For times are getting harder and the world is getting cruel

And all the money in the world won’t save you, once evil pays it dues.

So while the sun is shinning and the Lord still calls on you

Please make time and learn who He is and what He wants to do

And maybe one day you’ll be here, trying to win one for the Lord

Convinced of all the good He does and all the peace He has in store

For all those Sick, lost and hurting people, He loves with all his heart

Maybe it will be your turn, to help others make a brand new start

To have their sin forgotten and to have their soul so loved

That years of emptiness and cruelties are healed from Jesus up above

You could be apart of this, if you’d only take the time

The ball is in your corner, the Lord is waiting on your dime

I must admit, I took the slow way home and thought of that old man

How did he know, I would be there, how did he know my plans

Well it really didn’t matter, because his words hit home today

Suddenly I was so aware of what I had to lose and so grateful to that brave old man and all that he had to say

I kissed my wife when I got home and brought her up some dinner

Than I turned off my phone, my computer and fell upon my knee’s and confessed I was sinner

With tear-stained cheeks I called to the Lord and said that I was sorry

Than I thanked him for that old man and his heart-felt story

Lord just because I know Your name doesn’t mean I know You

But if you give me another shot, I hope you will be true

And teach me all I need to know, so I can be like that old man

I know I can make it, if You’ll hold my hand

And show me how, I can win one for Your Glory

So another hurting human soul, can begin a brand new story.


In You I have Life

Psalm 141:8
But my eyes are upon You O God the Lord :In
You I take refuge; Do not leave my soul destitute

Psalm 16:11
You reveal the path of life to me;
In Your presence is abundant joy;
In Your right hand are abundant pleasures

In You I have life.
You are the Hope of the world, an end to strife
Where I end You begin
Causing good to triumph over sin
Your eyes see beyond the veil
Causing my steps to stay upon the path, even death pales
Because You have plucked me from the mire and purified my soul
Trials that You have allowed refine me in the fire and I am as pure gold
Even in death You are there, seated at the father`s right hand
Ready to welcome me to a place where pain, tears, sickness, evil, sadness are stripped from the Land
Here I will be received by You, bathed in Your light, I am Yours alone
I will go out in joy, to be received by my family, finally home

This is not Goodbye

Although this is spring which is a time for  fresh starts, and new adventures we usually can’t step out on the road without saying goodbye to something or someone. While I consider my options for this year I find myself looking back over the events of 2012 with a  few tears. Some tears of joy and some of sadness. In 2012 I said goodbye to a ministry that was very dear to my heart. I did not want it to end but sometimes the Lord allows situations to happen that force us out of our comfort zones and launches us on the next step of our journey. I will always be blessed for the tears, the laughter, the teaching, and the love that graced my life during the time spent in that ministry and I am forever changed by it. I will miss each person that participated in TFNC program and I will always hold them in my heart forever. Despite the pain I felt when it was over I would not have missed it for the world and I am so grateful to the Lord for allowing me to take part in it. It has been very hard for me to let go and watch you all go on to other phases in your life and I think it is time I do the same. Until we all meet again in this life or in the next  I would like to dedicate the song This is not Goodbye by The Sidewalk Prophets  to Donna, Eleanor,Franco and all the members of the TFNC.

Sister of the Faith

A smile always lights your face as you extend your hand to greet

another soul who has wandered in to seek some shelter from the street

Your warm concern works to heal a heart loaded down with care

Your always there to share the load your laughter fills the air

You love the ones that others won’t you never ever quit

Never focused on yourself and you never will admit

When your down not feeling strong you brush that all away

For the chance to be Gods hands you help others on their way

Toward a loving savior that will set the captives free

The Lord  he is  alive in you that is plain to see

I am so glad I met you, your my sister of the faith

And I can see my saviors love reflected in your face