Lord you’ve told me a million times that I should never fear

Your always right beside me and You hold me oh so dear

In times when I can’t stand alone Your grace is what I need

To love me back to life again so I can still be free

Your love’s not based on my performance, You knew right from the start

That I could never earn a place from You, that would be worth my very heart

So many times the enemy tries to steal my faith away

By telling me that You’re not big enough to deal with the problems of today

So father please forgive me, when I forget just who You are

You’re the author of the universe and the one who made the stars

I do not walk by sight each day because I am trusting you to lead the way

to a future life, of peace filled hope, that can walk me through my darkest days


  1. February 10, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Nice to see you back on your blog. I liked you poem. I think we can all relate to your words. When we are going through difficult times, often the problems look bigger than our God. Of course we know deep down that God is bigger. Keep our eyes on Him. The problems will come and go and we learn something through the process. Keep writing.

    • February 14, 2014 at 1:22 am

      It’s so wonderful to hear from you, I hope you Danny and your family are well. I have gone back to work full time at a call centre and the hours are brutal. I still clean the church but working full time has made it more challenging. I work a lot of eleven hour shifts so it is more difficult to find the time to write. I was checking your website but you stopped writing for awhile I hope you have started again you are such a bright light don’t let the devil discourage you. Iwas worried that he had chased you off and that would be a shame. I know that God will continue to use your writing to reach others for his kingdom. I also liked you songs so please write more so we can all sing god’s praises together.

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