Let Him replace your ashes with a crown of beauty

Sometimes the Lord has to break us in order to rebuild us into something wonderful.


Last night I watched a youtube video of Nick Vujicic giving his testimony.  For those who are not familiar with Nick, he was born without arms or legs. His story is awesome. It just drilled into my heart once again, how God can take the most difficult circumstances and make them into something absolutely wonderful for His Kingdom.  Every single person born has a purpose or destiny in His Kingdom. It just blesses me that what man sees as tragedy, God often uses as an opportunity!

There is NO circumstance we may face that is too difficult for God to use in our lives. In fact, often it is the most difficult circumstances that bring about the most fruit, in our own personal spiritual growth and in our ability to share the love of Christ with others. I am just so thankful that I serve a loving, kind God that…

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