What’s in a Name

Acts 4:12

“Nor is there salvation in any other,

for there is no other name under heaven given

among men by which we must be saved.”

What’s in a Name

What’s in a name you ask, who Is it that they seek

Someone that is pure in heart, strong, but still He’s meek

His spirit he will not push on you, He will wait until your ready

No matter if your friend or foe, flakey or a steady Eddie

He’ll make his presence known to you He will not pass you by

His creation screams designer, just look at the heavens in the sky

Some call Him their conscience, some deny He ever lived

But almost all have heard of Him and the miracles He did

He came to heal the broken-hearted, beaten down by great despair

To give liberty to the captives of a sin sick world, who’s cries echo through the air

He brings comfort to the lonely and hope to those dying from disease

Just  say his name  He’ll be there and His mercy will give you sweet reprieve

From those burden’s you can’t carry, He alone can bear the weight

Learn to trust Him with your problems and your fears  will  dissipate

When your back is against the wall, there is no other place to be

Than cradled by a loving Savior, that will fight for thee

So if its forgiveness and redemption you desire, go on and speak His name

Cry out to sweet Jesus and you life will never be the same

Ask for His forgiveness for all the sins you can not bear

tell him you believe in Him and redeem the  eternal life he wants to share

For there is no other name under heaven, by which you can be saved

So cry out to now to Jesus ,let him come and save the day


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