Psalm 36 vs 6

Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains,

Your Judgements are like the great deep;

You save humans and animals alike O’Lord

My computer screen has been strangely quiet these past few weeks as an unusual cold rainy snap has marked the passing of Buster the Lion Hearted one of our beloved barn cats. As his name suggests he was strong, brave, bold and never one to back down from a fight despite the fact he had been declawed years ago by a previous owner. What he lacked in weaponry he made up for in keen wits and confidence and I have seen him bluff his way through many sticky situations. The pictures hardly do him justice but he was a beautiful tawny gold colour with a huge mane that surrounded his face. My favorite memory of him is  when he laid up on the ledge of the hayloft window surveying his kingdom, even now as I this picture in my mind’s eye and my stomach aches at the thought that I will no longer see him there. He was always the first cat to greet me when I came home ,rain or shine he would be waiting for me just hoping I would have a special treat for him. Buster also had a soft spot for other animals on our farm and the night our rabbit honey bunny died he laid down with him and stayed with him until he breathed his last. He was a cat that loved the kittens that came with every spring and he would play with them ready to defend each one from other passing Tom`s and if the kittens became defiant he would get them back on track with a quick cuff of his paws.  He had an enthusiasm for life and always made the best of every situation with no complaints. He was ever hopeful that his next treat was just around the corner and he was always filled with love which he would dispense at a moments notice. As the rain continues to renew the earth so too does my world keep on despite Buster`s passing but I know my life  will be just a little brighter for having known such a character. From him I know it is possible to be tender, vulnerable and loving while still being strong and brave. Now when I look up at the empty hay loft window I try to picture him in heaven exploring glorious forest and meadows all the while listening for my footsteps when one day I too will return home forever to a place that my savior has prepared just for me . I know Buster is there  and he will be waiting to greet me just like he always has. I thank you Lord for the wisdom to create such wonderful companions that bring  us such joy and love while we are still so far from home.



  1. graceofwynn said,

    June 10, 2013 at 4:58 am

    so sorry for your loss. what a beautiful tribute!

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