My Betrothed

Hosea 2 : 19-20

“I will betroth you to Me forever;

Yes I will betroth you to Me

In righteousness and justice,

In loving kindness and mercy;

I will betroth You to me in faithfulness,

And You should know the Lord.”

Because we were bought with a price we are slaves to Christ and he is our Master. But Christ’s love for us runs much to deep for us to leave our relationship with him at that level. He tells us in Hosea that he wants  to be betrothed to us forever. The difference between the two relationships, Intimacy. Imagine the Lord of the universe wants to know us intimately, all our secrets, all our pain, all our dreams and all our failures. To know our joys and sorrows, to stand by us and love us for eternity. Lucky me!

To my Betrothed I wait for You I look both day and night

Yearning to be near to You I hold on with all my might

You are the one who knows my anger, hurt and shame,

You feel my every pain

Instead of condemnation, Your grace helps me rise again

With gentle tones You correct my wrongs which challenge me to grow

Awestruck by Your mercy,  forgive me, for the wrongs that I have sown

Your Outstretched arms they shelter me, from sins intensity, as life storms rage and blow

When the rain subsides You talk with me helping me to know You and Your Word`s decree

And I share all my dreams with You on what I hope to be

Rejoicing in my baby steps You help my eyes to see

Your joy it bubbles forth in me filling up my heart with glee

As I walk along Your path, Your always here with me

Because of You, I am  forever changed,  transformed by all Your love

With up turned eyes I will wait for You, my Betrothed from up above



  1. theywhoseek said,

    April 11, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    I too am waiting for my Betrothed . . . and I love how you put this into the steps we take and make before we are ready to meet Him. Amen!

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