Here Comes the Bride

Here comes the Bride

The day has faded into twilight gone is the warmth of the sun

Shadows are lengthening, distorted and scary this road  has become

Still dressed in her bridal gown she had flung herself headlong into this destination

Clawing her way over and under obstacles her eyes fixed on the bridegroom absorbing the bruises and deep lacerations

Battle scars of the war that raged for her soul

Here comes the Bride

The road is narrowing still, gone is the asphalt that ripped and tore at her dress

She now tries to catch her breath as her gown soaked in sin weighs her down, and deep doubts are confessed

Step by step the path ahead becomes a mountain pass steep, lonely and she longs for his touch

She calls out his name and her voice bounces off the darkness and she is lost in the mist

Here comes the Bride

Here heart is racing, anxiety and panic threaten to consume her and fear has made her fall

On her knees she clutches the rock face, screaming his name she calls and calls

It’s the darkest part of the night now, fear and panic have given way to utter exhaustion, sobs wrack her body, her nails, fiercely dug into the rock face, hold her there

Suddenly  the sobbing stops as she forces her body into stillness. did she just feel his touch, could it be that he is here and he does care

Slowly a warmth flows through her body as He breathes into her his peace

She is still on the rock face in that mountain pass as she feels the increase

Here comes the Bride

Her body, her inadequacy, is now meshed with his power his strength and she is not alone

He whispers sweetly, look my child your bridegroom has come to raise you up again

As she stands her  wedding gown that had been torn dirty and ragged is now  renewed with his purity and grace

Although the wind still rages over that same mountain pass it is no longer dark and the light from his presence can be seen on her face

Firmly he grips her hand as they take the first few steps together and slowly but surely they make the climb together out of this place

Here comes the Bride


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