Christmas A Long Time Ago


Christmas a long time ago…

On a cold winters night as I sit in the barn
and think of a Christmas a long time ago

shutting my eyes back through the
ages I go

And see the couple move forward on a donkey as white as the

Round the back of an Inn the man now did pause peering out through
the darkness his way lit by a star

A slit of light appeared from under
the door, a welcome sight for the two who had travelled so far

floods his body as the nudge of his donkey urges him on

The words no room
at the Inn are all but gone

The smell of sweet hay welcomes them

And the process of birth soon starts to begin

He holds her hand
and tenderly wipes her brow

Thinking God please don’t leave us we need
you now

Sensing his worry the animals gather around

As if their
mere presence can calm him somehow

How will I raise him, look at this

No room I could find him his heart did remark

Does this mean
I’ve failed him, is this place fit for a king

Oh Lord please help me I’ll
do anything

The cry of his wife signals the birth of the holy

And with hands that were shaking he reached for God’s Son

breath was now ragged torn away by the sight

Of a babe so perfect bathed
in heavenly light

As he watched him lay in the manger that

The lord gave him courage and broadened his sight

For the
little babe Jesus was happy bundled down in the hay

Lulled to sleep by
the churring of the lambs while they played

His faithful donkey kept
watch by the door

As strangers dropped to their knees to worship the new

Not concerned at all by his humble birth in the hay

The babe
knew his heavenly father would supply their needs for today

For the Lord
assured Joseph it mattered not where your born

Or your status in life,
whether you laugh weep or morn

For I’ll always be with you, I’ll always
be true

And to show you my love I give this gift unto you

The gift
of my son to share throughout time

He offers love and redemption,
forgiving the sins of mankind

Hope In the face of Death

He will swallow up death forever

And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces

The rebuke of his people

He will take away from the earth:

For the Lord has spoken

Isaiah 25:8

My heart is heavy with grief for the parents of those 20 kids who never made it home from school, robbed of life by a lone gunman. Ironically they were killed 11 days before Christmas. A day we celebrate the birth of our Savior who came to free the world from sin and death. Jesus Christ died so we might have eternal life. I know those twenty kids are safe with the Lord free from pain sickness and sorrow, eternally saved but what about the parents. Do they know the Lord? I can only hope so. Please join with me over the coming days to pray for those families that lost children and for the families of the teachers that were killed. If they don’t know the Lord I pray that someone tells them about Jesus and why he was born. Jesus was born so he could trade his life for ours, and in doing so swallow up death forever. So all who believe in his name will not perish but have everlasting life. In light of this tragedy  the real meaning of Christmas becomes oh so important. Those who don’t know the Lord grieve without hope. But those that know and believe in Jesus Christ are assured that when they die they will be with the Lord and he himself will wipe away their tears. They will be reunited with loved one’s who have accepted the Lord as their savior and they will finally live in a world without evil,pain or sickness. That is the great hope that lives in every Christian and the Lord is counting on us to be bold and share that message with everyone. The Lord does not promise anyone tomorrow that is why we must be bold right now and tell our friends, family and neighbours so they can be saved and eternally secure. I pray with all my heart that all those who have lost loved ones through this tragedy will learn of and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. For those that do know the Lord I pray that he will give them the strength, comfort and courage to face the days ahead.

Don’t Give Up on Me Jesus

Don’t give up on me Jesus am I still worth one more try

Cause with out your love I just can’t get by

Your my Savior I ‘m a sinner who always played the fool

Don’t give up on me Jesus I could still come through

Don’t give up on me Jesus I can’t make the wrong seem right

But I know I can be changed by your light

Your my Savior I’m a sinner who’s so sorry she played a fool

Don’t give up on me Jesus cause I still need you

Don’t give up on me Jesus I need another try

Because with your wings I know I could fly

Your my savior I’m a sinner who no longer wants to play the fool

Don’t give up on me Jesus cause I still love you

Don’t give up on me Jesus

Hold tight to me Jesus

I want to be like you

Don’t give up on me Jesus

My Prince of Peace

Devotional : Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a Child is born,

Unto us a son is given;

And the government will be upon his shoulder.

And his name will be called

Wonderful,Counselor,Mighty of God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

Over the last two years my husband and I have endured a number of financial trials. First our well went dry and we had to drill another one, than our roof had to be replaced , a few months later our septic system had to be replaced, than this summer we were faced with a shortage of hay brought on by American farmers buying up Canadian hay due to a drought conditions in the States. Now three weeks before Christmas my husband has lost his job .Although at times circumstances looked bleak  the Lord never left us and continued to provide for us long after our credit ran out. I remember on (Canadian) thanks giving weekend we were flat broke and after reviewing our bills we needed $3000.00 to clear our monthly expenses. Overcome by feelings of dread I had hit my knees praying for a miracle thinking we had come to far to let it end like this. I remember flippantly saying to the Lord can’t you just help us win the lottery. Not being blessed with the insight and ability the Lord has at his disposal it was the only thing I could think of that would help. After finishing my prayers I went on with my day. It was a busying one and I was already running late for an appointment with my therapy dog Indy at the Beaverton Manor. After the appointment I was feeling dizzy, fearing an attack of low blood sugar because I hadn’t eaten I ask my husband to pull into a convience store so I could buy a chocolate bar to boost my sugar untill we arrived home. While standing in front of the counter with the chocolate bar in hand the cashier asked if I would like to buy a lottery ticked, no thanks I replied we only buy tickets when the draw gets really high. Aw come on replied the cashier its 4 million, no thanks I said matter of factly. Still undaunted the cashier continued, look you can register this ticket on-line and have five more chances to win. Worn down by his urging I gave in and bought the ticket . Safe in side the car I was instantly gripped with buyer’s remorse. Why did I do that I remorsed we were down to our last thirty-six dollars and I had just wasted three more. Oh well my husband said trying to make me feel better and being the saint he is he quickly changed the subject and we went on with our day. Early the next morning the Lord showed us how his mercies are new each morning. It started with a phone call from our mortgage company informing us we had overpaid our taxes by 600.00. Later in the day my husband called from work and informed me that he had checked the ticket I bought in the convience store and we won $2380.00 giving us the three thousand dollars we needed to get through the month. Oh what a difference one day can make when you’re a loved saved child of God.

I wanted to share this story with you as much to remind and encourage me as well as you that we serve a God whose love is unconditional and his providence is always enough and always just in time. Even though my husband has lost his job we will trust the Lord to provide my husband with an even better job opportunity Untill than we will cling to our Prince of Peace as we continue to serve, worship and wait on him to work on our behalf.