Thank You Lord for Loving Me

Thank you Lord for loving me no matter what I do

Whether I run hot or cold or if I’m feeling blue

Your always there to listen and you lend a helping hand

You know just how to mold me so I can help fulfill your plan

Courage is something that you give me when my strength is running low

Your friendship offsets my loneliness when winter winds will blow

I can’t fathom why you chose me when I seldom make the grade

But I’ll hold on to your promises that ensure your love will never fade

I know that I’m forgiven from all my unrighteousness

And all your tender mercies teach me to forgive

So thanks for your all-consuming love for me that  will never ever end

And   I hope I will become ever Christ like with each trial that you send

Prayer for Victory

Lord I need you to take the pain away

Please just take me from the fray

I gave it all that I can give

Teach me Lord to just forgive

It doesn’t matter what they think of me

But it matters Lord what I believe

That my life reflects your love, your grace

I hope that’s what they see when I leave this place

I’ve tried to handle this alone

But Lord I need you to lead me home

Whatever love I lose this day

Will be sacrificed for greater gain

Lord I know I failed to seek your face

But please don’t take me from the race

I now know that growth apart from you will fail

Help me now to fall in step with you, no matter what that entails

So I can find victory where I once failed in the past

And find freedom from bondage at long  last

Because of your Love

Left alone again  in utter disgrace

The worst version of myself echo’s through this place

I just took your best and threw it back in your face

Oh Lord how could I be worthy  of your grace

I don’t know how it got so bad I guess I didn’t want to see

I thought if I could work hard enough, I could make it be

I could beat my demons down than I would be free

But that joy eluded me so Lord please here my plea

I’m so sorry for my lack of faith, at the trials that lie ahead

For not believing your enough and lying down like I was dead

I listen far too much to the doubts that Satan plants inside my head

Help me see you in the dark and feel you in the footsteps that I tread

Its hard  to think that you would want me, when this world just wants to mow me down

I need you more than I ever have, without you I know I’d drown

Your love for me and your mercy, is the only thing that will keep my feet nailed to this ground

Because your love gives me the courage to keep going, when all earthly reason can’t be found