The Climb

Lord I whispered in the dark do you see me

The wind has shifted and I feel alone

Will I ever make it home

I was carried with the breeze and off the track I slipped

Before I knew it I was lost

Back and forth I was tossed

Sometimes I regained a foothold only to slide down again

Than suddenly you would grip my soul and the climb would resume once more

Hope was resurrected and my direction were reformed

Only to disappear again I was lost in life’s dense fog

Tangled in my unrelenting pride and blind idolatry

Clinging to the ragged cliff, Oh Lord where can you be

Than when it seemed that all was lost I heard a whisper in my ear

Let go of all those things you do not need

Your pride your envy and your greed

In the silence look for me and I will shore you up

Still your mind and  let striving cease

And you will hear me come and feast

On my mercy and endless love

Talk to me of all you do

Pour out your heart for me to soothe

And hand in hand we will make this climb

My love will be the tie that binds

My hand will steady all your steps as you leave your fear behind

Than joy will find you and my peace will reign

As I remold your life

And oh the mountains you will scale guided by my light


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