I Can Say Goodbye Now

I can say goodbye now Lord to all the ghosts that linger in my past

Because I know now  that your  love is here to stay and I can find peace at last

I know now that you’ll lead me through the dark, you always find me somehow

and Lord I know I can say good bye now

So many hurting people I tried so hard to help. I can put them in your hands

I can say goodbye now because its  you that know them Lord, its you that understands

Just where they are with all their private hurt and pain you know just what to say somehow

giving me the courage Lord to know I can say goodye now

All those times  the good and the bad  flash before me and they used to make me feel so sad

Because I couldn’t satisfy them Lord, I couldn’t make it last but I can say goodbye now cause  I understand

Where I end you begin and you love them more than I ever could and I know their safe with you so I ‘ll leave them in your hands

Knowing now that I can love them from afar and  I can say goodbye now Lord cause I know  we’ll never part

Always right beside me you breathe your truth inside my soul and you know how hard I try to be the lover of your heart

So I can say goodbye now cause you showed  my failures don’t define me Lord It’s the love that flows between you and I

Prompting me to want to  fly

But before I go,  I can  let go now Lord, I can say goodbye

I am free to love, like you love Lord, I am free to forgive them somehow

So trusting in you  I know that I  can say  goodbye now

Because you showed me how