B eing forcibly separated in two pieces totally fractured and left incomplete

R endered totally crushed by grief

O vercome by a landscape so topographically tough and uneven

K nocked out financially ruined

E ntrenched in a state of disarray and disorder

N ot functioning, out of order

My only hope: God’s Grace

Psalm 94:18

“when I said, my foot slippeth:

thy mercy, O Lord held me up”

Call for Prayer

Hi I would like to thank all the people who read my blog and give me support. We are going through a season of trials and although it’s not easy I thank the Lord for all of it. I trust that the Lord has a plan for us, a plan that give us a future and a hope. By the world’s standard they world would call us foolish and losers but I know that my Lord does not see us as the world see’s us and he is not finished with us. through his steps with his guidence I know that we can climb the mountains that the world see’s as impossible. Having said that  I ask anyone who wants to help us to please pray for our protection and that the Lords will be done in our lives. Please pray that he will give us courage and strength for the upcoming battle we face. At a later date I will blog about what is happening and how it turns out but for now I just want to call all christians who read this to pray for us. Thanks and GodBless.

Impending Storm

Written while Cody paces with endless panting of anxiety as the wind picks up and the rain begins. The first roll of thunder sends my great dane Jayden to my side with lightning speed as we count Cody’s pants to the next rumble. It;s funny that my girls are so bothered by storms when in earlier years they would not of even woken up. Is it true that as we age life’s storms seem to get more imposing and threatening.

The Impending Storm

The wind has picked up and I feel the breeze

Almost the same time as the rain beats down and makes my dogs freeze

Ears perked and body’s stiffen waiting for the impending boom

Clinging to my side as if I could keep them from impending doom

I feel the breeze again and this time I smell the rain as it beats against the pane

And I think Oh Lord come and cleanse me till no sins remain

For I am just filthy rags and have no worth you see

Apart from the grace you give and the new life you extend to me

As I listen for your voice I hear raindrops pelting  down

Are they your tears cried out for the lost that can’t be found

Lightning rips across the sky and I see your power

The crack of thunder makes me jump your rage makes me cower

Are you upset because your beloved are not doing what we ought

For we have all fallen asleep and your kingdom is not sought

Is that why with the  coming years the storms have gotten so much stronger

To rudely shake us from our beds to say you  won’t tolerate this much longer

For  as we advance in age the stakes are so much higher

Will we live out  the path you chose  for us when you plucked us from the  fire

Or will we simply find a place to hide and ignore the fury of the storm

entrenched in all the world has to give and  think this is the norm

As the thunder fades and the rain slows down to a more gentle sound

I thank you Lord for this wake up call to seek your face while you can be found

For I know someday the winds will blow and show the fury of your wrath

But I am safe and secure in you, as you allow the coming winds to pass