Hi Lord it’s me

Hi Lord it’s me. I saw you today and it made me smile

You told me to look for you as I walked this  country mile

You were everywhere I looked I’m so glad things worked out that way

I could feel you as the wind caressed my face as I walked into the day

I saw you in the sculpted hills of silver  grey up in the sky

Thier rolling peaks billowed upward to kiss your throne on high

As I went upon my way my dog bounded about in glee

and as she turned and flashed golden eyes I saw her spots that you created just for me

As I walked down the laneway to the barn the grass all wet from the passing rain

It reminded me how you can make all things new and how joy can spring from pain

As I worked mucking out the stables it felt so good to have this time

To reflect on how you’ve helped me and realize what I need to leave behind

My bitterness and anger justified or not all just need to go

As all  it does is weigh me down and keep me from the seeds I need to sow

As I look out through the back barn door and see the horses resting underneath the tree

I am reminded how you shelter me from the things I can not see

And now before I make my way upstairs to sleep away the night

My heart is full of love for you and the way you hold me tight


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