Ask and you will receive

John 16:24″ Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”

You said to  ask and receive

Lord you have always given before I even made the plea

Though my body was plagued by chronic disease

My spirit never wained though my body was fatigued

The aches and the pain would make me cry

But the words of my savior made me feel I could fly

So armed with your courage I live life head on

How shocked I was  when  people said I don’t belong

It seemed to annoy them that I would work so hard

With my conditions to prosper a dream  that seemed so  far

You’ll never make it they said and they  pulled  away when I tried

They were sure that I’d fail and their lack of faith made me cry

So Lord now I’m depending on you for my strength alone

I count on your friendship being so far from my home

I put trust that you’ll help me where others have failed

to provide for us and the animals and all that entails

so we can use this farm that you gave us to be a light now to others

so we can show them your love, and help our fellow sisters and brothers

Let this farm now be a haven to all that have grown weary

Bring us the weak and the sick, the downcast and those that are leery

that have given up on this world and feel there is no hope at all

so I can introduce them to the Lord and help them hear his call

and our hands will be his tool to show them a love that will not end

while they enjoy the beauty of this farm and  the animals they befriend

let them see past the comfy trappings of life that we lack

and see the joy of our spirits as we work to the max

Lord bring unto me the people whom you choose

And I will try my best to be a light unto you

thank you for hearing this prayer that I send  now in faith

and I will wait for your  answer as I live supported by your grace


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