Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall show me what you see

When myself is reflected back to me all my delusions flee

I see wrinkles etched with lines of pain and tear stains show the strain

Of carrying a heavy load that was never mine to bare alone, my toil it  was in vain

Mirror Mirror on the wall when will I ever learn that the Lord is here for me

To shoulder things that weigh me down and will not let me be

If only I would turn to him the dark shadows that frame hungry eyes

would soon fade away, along with all of  satan’s empty deceit filled lies

Mirror Mirror on the wall I see a change in me

Because me Savior whispers in my heart all he`d have me be

No longer do I walk alone for I share all that I endure

Knowing that he;ll be here for me no matter what life unfurls

Mirror Mirror on the wall my reflection has seemed to change

Now I see a smile of hope for my life has been rearranged

Now I strive to seek him first for I know his love is true

And his mercy has erased those lines of pain that I never could undo

Mirror Mirror on the wall a new future there will be

For all the fear that filled my day is gone and my soul has been set free

For the King of Kings has come to me and lifted my soul up from the mire

And stripped away my guilt and shame and saved me from the fire



  1. versical said,

    July 8, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Hi,thanks for your kind comments on my poetry, I guess the Lord has plans for all of us and it’s a dangerous place in the front line. Just rest a bit and recoup your strength,He has more for you. Here’s my Mirror poem.


    I look in the mirror and what do I see
    Your ageing creation, reflecting at me
    A mask that is hiding the truth of my being
    Am I the person you think you are seeing?
    The Spirit is in there, doing His best
    To clean up the years of unholy mess
    If only I’d help Him, by doing my part
    The light of the gospel would be a start
    Shining into pools of gloom
    Rooms of pleasure, halls of doom
    Caverns fighting to be free
    Of chains that bind the inner me
    Yes, I’ve faith that one fine day
    And for this I gladly pray
    I will be at one with He
    Who died a dreadful death for me.

    God Bless,Mike.

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