Hi Lord it’s me

Hi Lord it’s me. I saw you today and it made me smile

You told me to look for you as I walked this  country mile

You were everywhere I looked I’m so glad things worked out that way

I could feel you as the wind caressed my face as I walked into the day

I saw you in the sculpted hills of silver  grey up in the sky

Thier rolling peaks billowed upward to kiss your throne on high

As I went upon my way my dog bounded about in glee

and as she turned and flashed golden eyes I saw her spots that you created just for me

As I walked down the laneway to the barn the grass all wet from the passing rain

It reminded me how you can make all things new and how joy can spring from pain

As I worked mucking out the stables it felt so good to have this time

To reflect on how you’ve helped me and realize what I need to leave behind

My bitterness and anger justified or not all just need to go

As all  it does is weigh me down and keep me from the seeds I need to sow

As I look out through the back barn door and see the horses resting underneath the tree

I am reminded how you shelter me from the things I can not see

And now before I make my way upstairs to sleep away the night

My heart is full of love for you and the way you hold me tight

In Praise of Fellow Writers

I had another post prepared and I hoped to attach a pic of my horses that went along with the poem but God had other plans. When I went to take  the pic my horses were not napping they were staring steadfast at the next field because new neighbours had moved in. Two cute ponies. So I have put that one on hold for now.

Having extra time on my hands I went to my twitter account and found that I had one follower which amazed me because I have really nothing to twitter about but there she was. Curiosity made me look her up and I found out she is a christian singer songwriter named Debbie Gonzalez. Intrigued I googled her to see if I could listen to any of her Songs and thanks to all those techno’s out there in an instant a video popped up of her singing a song called Armour. It was great. Why she was ever following me I’ll never know but I am glad she did because I really enjoyed her song it gave me a much-needed lift.

So I just wanted to thank her and all you fellow writers who use your talents to proclaim Christ to the world.  It takes great faith and courage to open yourself up  and risk rejection and I am so glad that you do. I have no delusions about being a great writer, okay maybe I daydream about it once in a while but the reason I write is I want to be a witness for Christ. I want to tell how he works in my life, how he lifts me up, how being a follower of Christ isn’t easy but it is so vitally important. In fact its the most important thing I’ll ever do. If I can lift up one fellow believer who needs to know that they’re not alone, If I can remind the world that we all fall short but the Lord love’s us and died for us anyway, If I coud be Christ hands to help another hurting human soul feel his mercy. his love than my love of the written word would not be wasted. I follow some very talented writers on WordPress , faithwriters.com  and  the scope of their talent keeps me humble and makes me want to rethink posting anything I write. But I fight down that urge and post anyway in hope that Christ will reward my faith and use my writing to help someone in need. So good Luck Debbie on your new album due out on in the fall (can’t wait) and thankyou fellow christian writers for telling your stories , poems and songs. You have made me laugh, cry, feel supported encouraged and loved and I thank the Lord for each and every one of you!

Ask and you will receive

John 16:24″ Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full.”

You said to  ask and receive

Lord you have always given before I even made the plea

Though my body was plagued by chronic disease

My spirit never wained though my body was fatigued

The aches and the pain would make me cry

But the words of my savior made me feel I could fly

So armed with your courage I live life head on

How shocked I was  when  people said I don’t belong

It seemed to annoy them that I would work so hard

With my conditions to prosper a dream  that seemed so  far

You’ll never make it they said and they  pulled  away when I tried

They were sure that I’d fail and their lack of faith made me cry

So Lord now I’m depending on you for my strength alone

I count on your friendship being so far from my home

I put trust that you’ll help me where others have failed

to provide for us and the animals and all that entails

so we can use this farm that you gave us to be a light now to others

so we can show them your love, and help our fellow sisters and brothers

Let this farm now be a haven to all that have grown weary

Bring us the weak and the sick, the downcast and those that are leery

that have given up on this world and feel there is no hope at all

so I can introduce them to the Lord and help them hear his call

and our hands will be his tool to show them a love that will not end

while they enjoy the beauty of this farm and  the animals they befriend

let them see past the comfy trappings of life that we lack

and see the joy of our spirits as we work to the max

Lord bring unto me the people whom you choose

And I will try my best to be a light unto you

thank you for hearing this prayer that I send  now in faith

and I will wait for your  answer as I live supported by your grace

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall show me what you see

When myself is reflected back to me all my delusions flee

I see wrinkles etched with lines of pain and tear stains show the strain

Of carrying a heavy load that was never mine to bare alone, my toil it  was in vain

Mirror Mirror on the wall when will I ever learn that the Lord is here for me

To shoulder things that weigh me down and will not let me be

If only I would turn to him the dark shadows that frame hungry eyes

would soon fade away, along with all of  satan’s empty deceit filled lies

Mirror Mirror on the wall I see a change in me

Because me Savior whispers in my heart all he`d have me be

No longer do I walk alone for I share all that I endure

Knowing that he;ll be here for me no matter what life unfurls

Mirror Mirror on the wall my reflection has seemed to change

Now I see a smile of hope for my life has been rearranged

Now I strive to seek him first for I know his love is true

And his mercy has erased those lines of pain that I never could undo

Mirror Mirror on the wall a new future there will be

For all the fear that filled my day is gone and my soul has been set free

For the King of Kings has come to me and lifted my soul up from the mire

And stripped away my guilt and shame and saved me from the fire

Godbless the Donkey or should I say Ponkey

Sometimes the Lord’s blessings come  wrapped in unique packages at the most  unusual times. At least that was case when  Gypsy came into our lives. Our usual peaceful farm had been turned upside down when my paint gelding was attacked by a cougar. After sending pictures of his wounds to the ministry of natural resources an expert was sent out to see if he could capture it. Despite numerous siteings from people in the community and the best efforts of the MNR the big cat remained elusive. It was at this time a friend from our local horse rescue had told me they had a donkey who`s adoption placement had not worked out and they needed a home for her as soon as possible. Knowing what wonderful protective guardians donkey`s could be I jumped at the chance to take one into our fold. Not knowing anything about her we drove out to pick her up picturing your typical grey miniature donkey. What a surprise we got when we pulled up to see a little white dynamo that looked far from the grey donkey  I saw in my mind`s eye. It turned out that we were getting a look at our first ponkey. A cross between a donkey and a pony.  A little sceptical about her ability to guard anything we took her home anyway, not wanting to turn down an animal in need. In the days to follow it soon became clear that although Gypsy didn`t look like your typical donkey she was  one in her heart.  Her voice made a booming braying sound that was definitely not horse like and she took to guarding all our livestock like it was second nature. If she sensed anything out of the ordinary she would immediately  round-up our goats and push them against the barn so that she was in between them and the possible threat. She was amazing! During the summer of the cougar when she sounded the alarm we would bring in the goats while she would run up and down the fence line bucking and kicking. She would not stop until the last goat and horse was taken in than she would trot into the barn and thrust her nose over every door checking to see if everyone was in.  She developed the habit of hour on the hour  slipping through our electric fence and visiting each paddock to make sure all the horses were secure. It became such an issue we eventually turned off the electric fence so she could visit and return to the goats when she wanted. Even the cougar seemed intimidated by her voice (surely it was not her appearance lol )because shortly after her arrival it avoided our property until it finally disappeared during hunting season in  the fall. She was the answer to our prayers and not just ours it would seem. Another one of our horses was injured. Beau a warm blood thoroughbred cross had tried to run through the fence snapping off a corner post of his paddock. No one was home at the time so we did not know exactly what happened but we assumed it had to be something major to cause him to spook so badly that he would try to go through the fence. He ended up badly injuring his leg and he could barely walk. Although we were giving him a chance to heal we really did not think he was going to make it. Again Gypsy became the answer to our prayers. As if sensing that Beau would have to keep walking if his leg was going to heal Gypsy would walk up to the back of him and give him a nip and then he would take a step. Than she would  hurry up to his head and nuzzled him for a minute or two only to  walk back behind him and repeat the process all over again. If I had not witnessed this process first hand I would not believe it. She became in a sense his own physical therapist and her care helped him to recover although he has a pronounced limp. I have since given up trying to guess what provisions the Lord will make for us for whether it is a Donkey or Ponkey or anything else I know that it will be nothing short of perfection