Lord I praise you

This was written in a time when I was heartbroken and questioning the Lord.  I was standing at a fork in the road  which would lead to either a place of hard-hearted bitterness and self-pity or complete surrender and praise for all circumstances that the Lord allows. If the Lord had not gently showed me that I was rebelling against him and practically shaking my fist in his face I might have taken another road. And it was the gentle way in which he pointed it out that made me feel both so  grateful and ashamed at the same time. Thank you Lord for your grace.

Lord I praise you

Lord I praise you for your patience and your eternal love

Your always there for me, when my love of life runs out

Even in my anger you seek to soothe my soul

Defusing bitterness and hurt before full sin could take its toll

In times of utter darkness you whisper in my ear

The way to climb up from the pit and you make your presence clear

At times my mouth can run amok and grieve your spirit so

And when its pointed out to me, I think, I have reached another all time low

But still your love is their for me, for you promised you would never leave

For you are right beside me even when I dare  not believe

That you would hold a place for me when so many times i let you down

But when all my friends have left me, and I make my stand alone  its you that can be found

I will never understand why you love me so, for there is nothing I can do to justify your love

For any good that is  found in me or anything I do ,  was placed in me,  from my Lord above


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