Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit speak to me and tell me of my Lord

Help me know him as best I can before the comming storms

For life right now has slowed a bit giving me time to seek

The righteous one so filled with love it overcomes my speech

I need to graze in his book of life and fortify my mind

Against the onslaught of this sin sick world that steals away my time

Holy spirit speak to me so I won’t be swept away

By the cares and worries of this world that haunt me through the day

Holy Spirit lead me  in the steps I need to take to stay on the road to Christ

Please arm me with wisdom and Gods grace , please give me my saviors sight

So I can see the world through his eyes and understand what he wants me to do

Holy Spirit please grant me the gifts that my Lord has promised to me so I won`t be played a fool

So I can stand up tall and fully equiped to live out my fathers will

Fully assured of his love and his grace till my beating heart is stilled


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