Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit speak to me and tell me of my Lord

Help me know him as best I can before the comming storms

For life right now has slowed a bit giving me time to seek

The righteous one so filled with love it overcomes my speech

I need to graze in his book of life and fortify my mind

Against the onslaught of this sin sick world that steals away my time

Holy spirit speak to me so I won’t be swept away

By the cares and worries of this world that haunt me through the day

Holy Spirit lead me  in the steps I need to take to stay on the road to Christ

Please arm me with wisdom and Gods grace , please give me my saviors sight

So I can see the world through his eyes and understand what he wants me to do

Holy Spirit please grant me the gifts that my Lord has promised to me so I won`t be played a fool

So I can stand up tall and fully equiped to live out my fathers will

Fully assured of his love and his grace till my beating heart is stilled


It’s Spring Again

I woke up this morning in a bad place completely overwhelmed with what seems like trial after trial for the last eight years. It seems like I just get over one trial and I start to think okay we’ll(me and my husband Jim) be okay and boom another one hits. The latest financial burden is our septic system has to be replaced which will cost thousands of dollars. This was pretty hard news given that last summer we had to drill a new well and replace the roof. We just don’t have anymore money and we will have to put a stop payment on our mortgage in order to fix the septic system. So we have stepped out in courage and prayer and hope against hope that I can pick up some extra work. Well that was the plan untill yesterday when I began the drive to Keswick to start my part time job cleanning at KCC. When I started out I noticed the air was heavy and humid but by the time I arrived I was having trouble breathing. I thought my breathing would get better inside the building it actually got worse and it was hard to just walk down the hallways without getting dizzy let alone clean. I had to phone my husband to come and help me get home. This morning I was so discouraged.On a daily basis  I have to fight through the pain of chron’s disease,Kidney stones, fibromyalgia and some weird inflamatory arthritis condition no one can seem to diagnose and my breathing is already compromised due to asthma but now the pollution and humid air is making it so hard to breath its almost impossible to work. So what do we do now who knows. But in the thick of feeling sorry for myself a passage from Job just kept running through my head. It ‘s at the part where Job has lost everything and is struck with boils and his wife says curse God and die. And it was Job’s reply that stuckout in my mind its Job chp 2 vs 10 “Shall we indeed accept good from God and shall we not accept adversity?” If we have the courage and faith to accept blessings from God should we not also accept the hardship that God allows in our life even if we don’t understand why he has allowed it. Even though I feel that I do not have much strength left I will use what I do have to cling to Christ’s promise that if we seek first the Kingdom of God and his rightousness despite hardship and loss that he will continue to provide for us.

It’s Spring Again

It was spring 8 years ago when I stepped  into this place

Eager anticipation I was ready to run this race

Armed with the knowledge of my Savior and his love for me

I went out into the world to set the lonely captives free

But what I didn’t see is what your love would be

What I never dreamed is what you would let me see

That the God I saw, I did not know at all

An image in my mind, not who you are at all, helped me fall

You see I thought I had it made, when you were on my side

I would never hurt again,  my days of pain would be left behind

If I had only seen, what you had in store for me, would I change my mind

but now it’s spring again can I start once more

Armed with what I’ve learned from where I’ve been before

Your a God of second chances, will you grant to me, a chance to be reborn

Take the scales off these eyes and help me see

the road I need to take, to be all I can be

To live my life for you, please grant me the courage to, see it through

Help me to follow you, were I don’t want to go, so I can be like you

Lord please give me faith, so I can show God’s grace

To those that are broken, to the lost, to those that hate my face

In your strength help my life reflect, the beauty of Gods grace

Please have mercy Lord and hear my plea

and your humble servent I will forever be

Thank you Lord …

Thank you Lord that no matter how badly we mess everything up we can always be sure that God will never leave us or forsake us. He stands firmly with us when everyone has left. He is the Good Sheppard and his mercies are made new every morning.

Lamentations 3: 22-24

Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed,Because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: Great is Your faithfulness

Lamentations 3:31-32  For the Lord will not cast off forever. Though he causes grief, Yet he will show compassion. According to the multitude of his mercies

Thank you for your Mercy

Lord do you hear me calling in the night

do you see my tears my lord, do you see my plight

Heavy is my burden Lord this load I tried to bare

My shoulders ache, my heart is numb, hope is turning to dispair

Can I really expect from you all the things I read

How your mercy reigns and your love remains even when I can`t beleive in me

How quickly I have wandered off when I meant to stay

firmly on your path of life, please return to me this day

I need to feel your outstretched arms embracing me again

I need to climb beneath your wings as I confess my wrongs, so my broken heart will mend

Lord I really love you and I wish I was so much more

than this broken shell and shattered being cast upon the shore

Not worthy of a glance from you I know you`ve heard it all before

How I promise to live my life for you than I walk right out the door

Here I am on bended knee begging for another chance to be

your hands, your feet ,your eyes, Lord please let me see

The world as you see it help my heart to ache for what breaks yours

Help me to overcome my fears Lord please pick my heart off of the floor

And fill it with your light, your love, please let your mercy reign

Protect me from the evil of this world let your peace remain

Anchored in my heart this day so I can find the road again

and learn from my defeat, my failures, for this is not the end

For your mercies are new each morning they shimmer in the dew

A reflection of your grace, your love, given to a chosen few