God’s Word God’s Truth

You would think that the older you get and the more you studied the bible the easier it would be to swim those giant waves that want to sink you when the storms of this life come calling. Some days I navigate the peaks and valley’s of those waves just fine and others I take on so much water it feels like I’m about to drown.  In God’s Word he tells us that we can’t live  by our feelings if we are to survive life’s storms we must live our lives by God’s truth. A courageous calling by any standard but it’s  an essential lesson if  we want our walk to be a testimony that Christ can use to reflect himself to others.

God’s Word God’s Truth

Your Word my Lord is the truest  mirror of  my soul

Reflecting gaping imperfections and traces of pure gold

Caught up in the undertow my fallen nature  sweeps me out to sea

Guilt and despair surface on the waves and my shame won’t let me be

But your Word my Lord is a lighthouse showing me the way ahead

Slowly it tows me back and tells me what the Lord has said

Your Word my Lord has restored my faith and placed me on solid ground

And filled my heart with your sweet grace the truest love I’ve found

Now safe upon the shore I sit, not where I was before and others start to see

The Word in the truest light, a gift from God, that can set the captives free


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