The Path That I Take

It’s very difficult to see a ministry implode from the inside out after you have taken so much time to create,care and nuture it with fellow workers in Christ. It could make a person give up if they lose sight of the Author of Creation. It seems to me one could lament, linger in discouragment or embrace it and look forward to what the Lord has next. After all in Job 23:10 it says” But he knows the way I take; When he has tested me, I shall come forth as gold”. I know in my heart there is no way for me to continue in the ministry due to outside circumstances so I must trust my Savior to know the way I take. I am very thankful for the time he gave me in that ministry and the fruit that came forth by his hand. But I am eagerly awaiting another opportunity to be used by him and I pray he will find me faithful. I rejoice in my Lord’s faithfulness and thank God that his mercies are new everyday.

The Path That I Take

Lord I wait upon your faithfulness to help show me the way

I count upon you mercies that are new everyday

Although I’ve shed some tears and had to say goodbye

To a dream that I had tended which your hand prospered in due time

You were faithful when you showed me fruit that came from loving you so much

It was easy to share with others helping them to feel your special touch.

But now I know it’s over and your showing me the door

And I glimpse ahead the path I’ll take as my feet walk across the floor

The path ahead is not so clear a narrow slit among the vines and trees

Overgrow and lush it is and as It rustles in the breeze

It’s song is ever calling me the gospel is it’s sweet refrain

My Savior now is beckoning for he knows the path I take, will never be in vain

As I bravely face the unseen trials that linger in his wake, I dream of that purest gold

That only Christ can make as I start out on this journey with nothing but his hand to hold


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