War Wounds

I awoke this morning enveloped in deep sadness at the turn of events in my life and wondered how Christ would heal my latest war wounds. How would I carry these scars in a way that is God honouring. Persecution, and slander is sometimes part of a christian’s life when deeply held convictions of God’s truth permeates our lives. Compromise is not an option. The apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 2:3 says ” You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”  this is easier said than done. The road that I envisioned ahead of me was rugged and steeped in loneliness and I was tired and spent. As the day dragged on I turned to the one source of comfort that had never failed me El Shaddai my God Almighty who is all sufficient. As I worshiped him the hurt that seemed so impossible to carry was lifted even though the road ahead was still rough. And I found great solace  in the words of apostle Paul 2 Timothy 4:17 ” But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me, so that the message might be preached fully through me, and that all the Gentiles might hear. Also I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion. And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory forever and ever Amen”! I long Lord to be in your kingdom and I know the hardship I endure won`t last forever. My body is enduring the deep groanings for a world that is dying and waiting for its returning king. I wait for the day that Isaiah 25 :8 says “He will swallow up death forever,and the Lord will wipe away tears from all faces; The rebuke of his people he will take away from all the earth: For the Lord has spoken.“ Oh what a great and glorious day that will be.


Here I am again my Lord, tears stain my face as I call out to you

Help me cause I really don’t understand this and I don’t know what to do

I was called out to be your hands so you could save her and open up her eyes to see

To let your Word  bind up her wounds Lord and to set the captive free

But there are others out there that do beleive I’m not the one you sent

They persecute and slander me till I’m all but spent

These were people that I loved and they vowed that I took there friend away

All that I had done for them was gone now and I don’t have any say

Anger and bitterness flows through them even thought I don`t respond

To all the taunts , half truths and the willingness to persuade others that I really don`t belong

I stand alone in disbelief sorry that they could not  see

The work that you did through me there as blind as they can be

Can`t they see you working in her life as she turns her world around

I know that she can do it because it`s you Lord that she`s found

Oh Lord I know you and you are here with me

Standing right beside me your strength will carry me

And I know that you are faithful to bring me throught this storm

Deliver me Lord as I stay hidden in you and a new day is reborn

Someday I`ll stand before you safe from any harm and my heart will rejoice

You`ll dry my tears and comfort me Lord for you always hear my  voice

For I`ll always stand for you Lord for  there`s just no other choice

Because of all your grace and goodness I know I am  kingdom bound

So show me how to do this walk with the new courage I have found

How do I show these people who now despise me in all their disbelief

I can`t even look at them when my heart is so full of grief

But Lord I know you to be faithful and you can teach me what I can not see

So be patient with me  till I can respond to them with grace, Oh Lord help me please

One day these wounds that left such deep  scars will remind me where I`ve been

But they won`t define me because it`s the light of your Word that I`m living in


God’s Word God’s Truth

You would think that the older you get and the more you studied the bible the easier it would be to swim those giant waves that want to sink you when the storms of this life come calling. Some days I navigate the peaks and valley’s of those waves just fine and others I take on so much water it feels like I’m about to drown.  In God’s Word he tells us that we can’t live  by our feelings if we are to survive life’s storms we must live our lives by God’s truth. A courageous calling by any standard but it’s  an essential lesson if  we want our walk to be a testimony that Christ can use to reflect himself to others.

God’s Word God’s Truth

Your Word my Lord is the truest  mirror of  my soul

Reflecting gaping imperfections and traces of pure gold

Caught up in the undertow my fallen nature  sweeps me out to sea

Guilt and despair surface on the waves and my shame won’t let me be

But your Word my Lord is a lighthouse showing me the way ahead

Slowly it tows me back and tells me what the Lord has said

Your Word my Lord has restored my faith and placed me on solid ground

And filled my heart with your sweet grace the truest love I’ve found

Now safe upon the shore I sit, not where I was before and others start to see

The Word in the truest light, a gift from God, that can set the captives free

The Path That I Take

It’s very difficult to see a ministry implode from the inside out after you have taken so much time to create,care and nuture it with fellow workers in Christ. It could make a person give up if they lose sight of the Author of Creation. It seems to me one could lament, linger in discouragment or embrace it and look forward to what the Lord has next. After all in Job 23:10 it says” But he knows the way I take; When he has tested me, I shall come forth as gold”. I know in my heart there is no way for me to continue in the ministry due to outside circumstances so I must trust my Savior to know the way I take. I am very thankful for the time he gave me in that ministry and the fruit that came forth by his hand. But I am eagerly awaiting another opportunity to be used by him and I pray he will find me faithful. I rejoice in my Lord’s faithfulness and thank God that his mercies are new everyday.

The Path That I Take

Lord I wait upon your faithfulness to help show me the way

I count upon you mercies that are new everyday

Although I’ve shed some tears and had to say goodbye

To a dream that I had tended which your hand prospered in due time

You were faithful when you showed me fruit that came from loving you so much

It was easy to share with others helping them to feel your special touch.

But now I know it’s over and your showing me the door

And I glimpse ahead the path I’ll take as my feet walk across the floor

The path ahead is not so clear a narrow slit among the vines and trees

Overgrow and lush it is and as It rustles in the breeze

It’s song is ever calling me the gospel is it’s sweet refrain

My Savior now is beckoning for he knows the path I take, will never be in vain

As I bravely face the unseen trials that linger in his wake, I dream of that purest gold

That only Christ can make as I start out on this journey with nothing but his hand to hold

A Friend

I am always amazed at how many friends I see people have on facebook. Some 23 friends others 234 friends and what are the parameters of their friendship. Are they the kind you can depend on through thick and thin, or are they the kind that pulll out the ruler and the bible to see how you stack up to their version of the christian standard, or are they merely casual acquaintences collected to make their facebook page look good. It says in the bible that the good sheppard would lay down his life  for his sheep.. I often wonder if this version of the christian superman even exsists today. I mean people are so busy now a days building their careers, raising families, and updating their walls do they ever stop to think what kind of friend they would be or could be . Would they be there in a crisis or would their phone be shut off for family time or would they be at the ready always awaiting to be of some service or help. I wonder? Recently I had a fellow christian tell me I had a talent for reaching people on a deeper level. As I pondered this thought I knew that statement was untrue. I had no special talent  I just took the time to listen care and be available.

A Friend

Lord you`ve always been good to me but a good friend I have not been

Still you grace me with your love even when I ve throw the towel in

I have failed again to reflect your love even though I tried each day

To show them that I cared like you but they threw my love away.

They didn`t understand how I spend my time each day

With any one who needs it no matter if work was in the way

To serve them was to serve you but they really couldn`t see

How my hands became my saviors to help in their time of need

Happily I did my work searching people out to help in all the places that I live

Suddenly they turned on me when they wanted more than I could give

To them my friendships weren`t the right ones they yammered day and night

They ripped my flesh and tore my skin as they tried to put things right

Right by their perspectives but they could not see the target of my eye

Blinded by their pride they missed it and the Lord he passed them by

So here I return so fallen despised by all I seeked to serve

But lovingly you hold me and give me what I don`t deserve

All your grace and mercy will slowly heal my wounds and I`ll be on my way

Shored up by the glory of my friend the good sheppard that  will guide me through this day