Lord I Praise You

Sometimes life is hard but the Lord is still good. True as this maybe we are finite beings, fragile but still durable if what drives us is anchored by roots mired deep in the gospel.

Lord I Praise You

I praise you Lord for patience with my lack of faith

Faithfully you wait for me to give more than I take

My Cup it runneth over with your mercy and your love

Especially when I cry out to the heavens up above

Your hear all my petitions and always do draw near

As I tell you all my secrets and share with you my fears

Always you comfort me when I ‘m feeling lost

And tenderly you lead me home when all the world’s forgot

All the good I’ve tried to do all the battlles won

That praise your name and bring glory to your son

Your unending love it spurs me to take to the road again

Fighting off the waves of doubt that block the path  ahead

Although the road is never smooth I hold to this simple truth

Your Hand will never leave me and your word will always soothe

Any wounds I’ve suffered and my hurts won’t be in vain

The only thing that matters is the life I live glorifies your name