Birthday of a king

No matter what I did I just couldn’t shake off the Christmas Blues this year. It was as if the unpleasantness was tethered to me by invisible chains anchored in my flesh. Even when I emersed myself in wave after wave of upbeat Christmas music I still found myself weighed down by a feeling I was missing the point. After the dinner was made and the chores on our farm where done I laid beside the man I love listening to his breathing lost in thought.  Who`s birthday are we celebrating this year I thought with a heavy heart.  If  it’s Jesus I wonder how many other people up untill now had missed the point. If its Christ’s birthday than why are we running around getting gifts for everyone else, what gifts will we lay at Christ`s feet this year I pondered. I let that thought roll around my empty head for a while than words began to form as my heart began to talk to the Lord Oh Mighty King

Oh mighty king what could I ever give you that would reflect this grateful soul

As I celebrate you birth and worship what you did for me, even as I wander from the fold

But your truth it pulls me back again as I ask for mercy once again

Generously you hold me and whisper that your love will never end
Lord we celebrate Christmas and no gifts we give to you

We worship one another Lord we are such helpless fools

Just this once I want to make it different as I gaze out into the night

I want to give a gift to you that will not fade into the light
Here I lift my heart in hope that you can translate to me

How my spirit could reflect your soul how my words could set you free

For I know that the greatest gift I give is a believing heart that worships you

So teach me how to show the lost that they can love you too
Please show me mercy Lord may I never leave this place

The space that I bow my knee and humbley seek you face

Put you hand upon my heart this night don’t let me lose this fight

To reconcile the lost my Lord and bring them back into your sight
For only you can save them Lord apart from you there is nothing I can do

So I pray you’ll take the gift of my believing heart and make it work for you

There is nothing else that I could offer for all I have is yours

It’s the only thing that I freely own to give to you that you can restore
So Merry Christmas Jesus I lift your name on high to ring out into  the night

Knowing I serve a loving god that helps all my dreams take flight

May your grace never leave me may you never turn your face away

From your grateful servent who needs your love to boldly pave the way